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 Lothar Bisky genoss in der deutschen Politik über die Linke hinaus, sogar bei politischen Gegnern, Respekt. Er übernahm in einer der schwierigsten Zeiten für die Linke Verantwortung und blieb stets jenen Werten treu, die für die Linke charakteristisch sind: Solidarität und Gerechtigkeit.




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Canada’s Parliament  recognized  the 1988 Prison Massacre in the Islamic Republic of Iran as Constituting Crimes Against Humanity (June 5th  , 2013)


Political-Executive Board of the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian (Majority)





Le communiqué du conseil central de l’Organisation des Fadaïans du peuple d’Iran(Majoritaire),

Concernant d’onzième  élection présidentielle du 14 juin 2013 en IRAN.

Nous ne participons pas à cette élection factice et commandée. Cette élection va au profit d’ALI KHAMENEI(le guide du régime) !

   Issu de situation critique actuelle du pays  dépende d’élection libre.



Political-Executive Board

Without any doubt, posing Nasrin Sotoudeh’s name as Sakharov prize winner, will limit the maneuver of the Islamic Republic repressive organs in putting more pressure on defense attorney for political prisoners Nasrin Sotoudeh. We do not have any doubt that the international support will strengthen the Iranian political prisoners struggle for their rights.


Political and Executive Committee

As one of the Iranian political forces, we declare that relationship between Iran and Israel must be free from tension and based on mutual respect. Differences between the two states can and must be discussed in direct bilateral talks, whereby the two sides enjoy equal rights, recognise the other party’s right to exist and live in security and avoid the language of threat and hostility.


We also call on the UN Secretary General to urge the Iranian government to respect the rights of Iranian citizens, release the recently arrested and other political prisoners, stop the crackdown on peaceful protests and set and end to violations against the legal and human rights of Iranian citizens.


Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian - Majority

In view of the fact that the Islamic Republic is advocating and intensifying the culture of male domination, women are under intense discrimination and considered as second-class citizens.


The Political-Executive Board of The Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaian (Majority)

We express our deep concern about your warm relations, and other leftist leaders of Latin America, with the Islamic Republic and your inattention to democracy, human rights and sacrificing them with excuse of fighting the US government.


International Departmen

To achieve these goals, we, Fadaian will rely on modern, democratic, and socialist values. We defend freedom, democracy, social justice, and equality between women and men’s rights. We defend workers and toilers’ interests. We, as defenders of peace, are against war and any kind of fundamentalism and consider them as nuisance to the world